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  Dear Guest,

 Welcome to my site!

    I would like to call my paintings “thoughts and feelings in paint”. Sometimes it feels as though the images appear by themselves and want to be realized into the world, and I feel in a way responsible for their opportunity to exist and talk to people. 

    I would describe my style as three-dimensional poetry, where the space is created by two dimensions of the painting and the third dimension of the title and comments. The titles and notes are important:  the titles serve as passwords to enter the space and the comments are guides- one can explore the territory oneself but guides are usually helpful and have something interesting to say.

   My paintings mediate feelings or sensations that I would like the viewer to “try on”, or thoughts I invite the viewer to explore. It’s just a beginning and, please, consider the site as a little invitation card. New images will be added on a regular basis and I hope for your interest. 

     Best regards,

    Natalia Papeta