My painting style is in a way a fusion of expressionism and surrealism, but I would call my paintings “Thoughts and feelings in paint”. Sometimes it feels as though the images appear by themselves; I just realize their appearance and finalize their existence. They bring or initiate thoughts that grow and develop while I am trying to refine the expression on canvas. Sometimes the works have turned out to be a peek into the future: this I realized when future events became past ones.

       My life journey has taken me through countries struggling through the collapse of political, economical and ideological systems. Witnessing and experiencing tragedies of people, swept by civil war and crumble of their world, changed my perspectives, made me see values and standards in a new light and showed limitlessness of human nature. Painting is my way of exploring the human world in a hopeless attempt to understand it. My way to balance contrasts of rational exploration of the world by a very detailed, technical approach of science (my research at Harvard and Columbia) and spiritual/emotional groping and sensing its mysterious complexity. The motto of my photos is: "The World is so fantastic! Just pay attention."

       I would describe my style as three-dimensional poetry, where the space is created by two dimensions of the painting and the third dimension of the title and comments. I prefer oils as medium for the feel of oil paints, their ability to express and hold the whole range of emotions and freedom to choose a level of completeness. My works in a way mediate feelings or sensations that I would like the viewer to “try on”, or thoughts I invite the viewer to explore.